Roller Skate Buying Guide

Many people enjoy roller skating for the thrill of balancing and speed. It’s a great activity and is appropriate for people of all ages. If you want to do roller skating, the first thing you should do is buy a pair of good roller skates. Here are some factors you should consider when buying roller skates.


There are four wheels in the roller skates and so they are stable. You should decide between buying hard wheels or soft wheels. The durometer scale which is from 0 to 100A indicates about the hardness of the wheels.

If you are closer to 100, then the wheels are harder. If the wheels are harder, your shoes will last longer. However, the shoes will have less shock absorption and grip. The soft wheels, on the other hand, provide good grip and shock absorption but have a shorter lifespan.


When buying bearings, the rating of ABEC bearings won’t affect your performance much. But you should treat the bearings well so that the quad skates remain in good condition. You should avoid water, sand, and dirt. So, when you skate, make sure that the surface is dry and clean.

Hard boot or soft boot

You can get roller skates in hard boots and soft boots. For longer rides, the hard boots are good as they provide better stability and support. If you are using roller skates for dancing, then you need to buy the ones with soft boots as they will help you to move around.


Before purchasing a roller skate make sure to read the size guide. As a rule of thumb, it is better to choose one size larger than the regular size. The skates must have a firm fit; not too loose or too tight. Before buying the roller skates you must try them on to see whether you are comfortable wearing them.

You should ensure that the roller skate has a safety protection certificate. That way there will be less chance of injury due to malfunctioning of the roller skates. A good pair of roller skates will last a long time.