Workouts Roller Skaters Should Do Before Competitions

Roller skating is a fun sport and some people take their passion for roller skating to the next level by participating in competitions. Major roller-skating competitions take place around the year and if you are targeting to participate in one of those then you need to be well prepared.

You will need to undergo formal coaching to prepare yourself for the competition. Along with that, you have to make sure that your body is fit to go through the exhausting journey of the competition. Here are some workouts recommended for roller skaters that can help to train their bodies for strenuous activity.


It is a great exercise for the skaters. They can do this while skating to activate their core and main muscle groups which are the quads and glutes. When you hold squats for a minute or so, it develops muscle memory and improves the legs’ strength and balance.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

This is a common exercise that the skaters do often. The skaters walk on their toes, then stop for a lap, and then walk again. You should start with one lap and then increase the number of laps later on as you practice more.

Going in the opposite direction

This is a great warm-up exercise that skaters do. They move in the opposite direction while skating. This helps to even out the tissues in the muscle. It also eliminates the possibility of right or left-turn tendencies. You can do this exercise just before the competition as well.

Roller Derby exercise

This exercise is for Roller Derby skaters. They should do the exercise depending on their body size and health factors. The exercise routine must include strength training, aerobic exercise, and stretching.

These exercises will help you to perform well at the competitions. Stretching can prevent muscle cramps and so you won’t feel uncomfortable during the competition. In Roller Derby competitions, the skater needs to skate for a long time.

For increasing your ability to gain speed and endure the stress of the competition for a long time, the skaters need to do cardiovascular endurance exercise. They should do intervals of high-intensity aerobic exercise.

Strength training exercises are also very important for these skaters. They should do leg presses, lunges, calf raises, and other strength training exercises. Abdominal exercises can help to increase strength and stability.

You should have some time off during training to allow your body the time to recover. Before doing these exercises, it is a good idea to contact the physician to find out if you have any underlying physical condition that may prevent you from doing these exercises.